Saturday, November 22, 2008

A New Start

I didn't like the fabric I was working on (25 count Jobelan - I hate Jobelan) so I started over. This is on 35 ct. undyed Vikki Clayton linen, over 2 with 1 strand regular, Vikki Clayton LE 2465, 2155, 2319.


fudgey said...

I amn so impressed you restarted and have done so much!!
I am glad you are now working on a fabric you enjoy...
and we are both working on the same fab now..
they will both be 100% HDF product pieces now which is cool..

whatsup1 said...

Fudgey, right now I am falling further and further behind. I am so busy at work, working 9 am to 9 pm that I am not getting any stitching done. It will ease Dec. 4th so hopefully then I'll get more done.

I love HDF linen, it is wonderful to work on. I just wish it was a little denser weave, like Graziano or Legacy. I haven't tried my Weddigen yet, that is next.