Monday, September 29, 2008

Fudgey's Spot sampler Page 1

Hi Everbody..

i am approaching this with caution i used to have a blogger blog and left cos i could never post pics successfully

i finished the first page over the weekend , i put a pic in the yahoo group, but i have added it here too to see if i can post a picture successfully ( you are all the guinea pigs!!)

i also just started the ornament martina posted today, but no picure yet as it took me more than an hour to choose which silk to use! i am stitch in it 1x2 on 50 ct white legacy linen using HDF silk in oxblood

my Spot Sampler is being stitched 1x1 on cream 35 ct linen from HDF using the HDF Sue Purple series as well as some LE varigates from the range

I can't wait to stitch the next page, though i am not sure i will be able to keep it at a page a week , maybe a page a fortnight!


Martina said...

Hi Fudgey,

What a nice colour choice - and you really want to stitch such a big project on a 35 count linen over one!

fudgey said...

of course i do martina.. just as i am the serenity sampler it is my favourite combo 1x1 0n 35 ct