Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cathymk's first page completed.

Hello folks, here is my start on the Spot Sampler mystery 2008. I'm stitching mine on 40ct Cream Newcastle with Vikki Claytons Hand-dyed Fibers (HDF). The colours I have used thus far are: Ultra violet 2125 (upper left motif), Limited edition 1453/1455/2125 (for the one below it) and the large motif to the right is stitched with Ultra Maroon 1455.

I am planning to introduce Ultra Maroon 1453, another LE colour - 2125/2115/1455 and Nosegay 2115 as the sampler progresses.

I had these colours sitting in my stash for a while and I have to admit, I was pleased to hear about this project so I could finally get them out and stitch with them. I think that is why it stitched up so quickly this time around!

I'm looking forward to following everyone's progress! Happy stitching!


fudgey said...

cathy it is beautiful!!
i love those colours i am pretty sure i have that LE in my stash too
i like how you are using component colours with it
is it 1x1 , 1x2 or 2x2?

whatsup1 said...

Beautiful work, Cathy. I love the ultra violet and maroon colors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! do you happen to know if they are taking new people to stitch this? If so could I possibly get the link to join :)